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The lawyers of our firm give many courses in the area of tax and criminal tax law as also in related areas. Think about courses about the information obligations vis-à-vis the Dutch Tax Authorities (and other regulatory authorities), current issues regarding procedural tax law, current issues regarding sanctions law, what to do if the FIOD stands at the doorstep, the criminal participation variants in tax (sanctions) law, the obligations within the framework of the Dutch Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (WWFT), and current issues regarding the right of recovery. We give courses for training institutions but we are also happy to give in-house courses at tax consultancy and/or accountancy firms. We are pleased to agree on customised arrangements about the content and the wishes on your part.

Our firm has recently started periodically distributing newsletters amongst a limited target group via a website specifically set up for this: This way the spotlight is placed on important developments and interesting case law within a number of subareas that De Bont Advocaten is active in. The subareas are:

  • WWFT and disciplinary law
  • Tax sanctions law

Should you be interested then you can submit a request for receiving these newsletters by email via

For more information or questions about De Bont SpotOn you can also email to: