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mr. A.B. Vissers

  • (Tax) administrative proceedings
  • Criminal cases

Annabel (1985) graduated in Dutch law, both criminal and tax law, from the Amsterdam University in 2011. During her studies she worked for prisoners as an employee and chairwoman of the Foundation Legal Consulting Hours Prisoners. Annabel has been working at De Bont Advocaten since 2011 and was sworn in as a lawyer in May 2012. She has extensive experience in (large) financial criminal investigations. Annabel is a member of the Dutch Association of Young Criminal Lawyers (NVJSA). In 2014 she won the National ‘Criminal Law Game’ of the NVJSA. Annabel publishes as one of the authors of the news section ‘Tax Sanctions Law’ in the Magazine for Sanctions Law and Compliance. In addition she published in several professional journals about, inter alia, the role of the consultant and accountant in tax penalty and criminal law and the development of the arguable standpoint. 

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