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mr. S.F. van Immerseel

  • (Tax) administrative proceedings

Hans (1964) graduated in the tax law degree programme from the Brabant University (currently the Tilburg University) in 1992. From 1988 up to 2009 he was employed as a tax consultant. Since 2004 he has specialised in procedural tax law. Since July 2009 Hans has been active as a tax consultant. He has taught procedural tax law at the Utrecht University for some years. Hans regularly gives guest lectures. Apart from the book "Fiscaal bezwaar in AWR en Awb" Hans wrote several articles on legal tax protection. In his daily practice Hans basically focuses on tax penalty and procedural law and the right of recovery, e.g. tax liabilities. He is a member of the Dutch Association of Lawyers Tax Consultants (NVAB) and of the Association for Tax Studies. Since 2013 Hans has been affiliated with De Bont Advocaten.

T   076 763 4000
F   076 763 3233
E   info@debontadvocaten.nl