Corruption / bribery

Nowadays avoiding and fighting corruption enjoys the full attention of the government. Before 2006 there was still a tax scheme in place for the deductibility of bribes. This tide has, however, turned. Through a number of high-profile criminal cases and tax rulings, which enjoyed the necessary media attention, the fighting of these publishable acts was, however, put on the map.

De Bont Advocaten is perfectly equipped to provide assistance in corruption cases. In the past decade in particular our colleague Willem Koops was involved in a number of (criminal) cases. In some instances very publicly – if this was in the interest of the proper defence of the client – but usually behind the scenes. This resulted in a treasure-trove of experience. We basically use the said experience to avoid our clients from wrongfully ending up in court, wrongfully being used as a scapegoat, and wrongfully incurring damages. It goes without saying that we also use this expertise to put forward – should legal proceedings nonetheless be required – a defence down to the minutest detail.